Class Curriculum

The School of Church Planting (SCP) offers two tracks of course material taught on alternating years.


TRACK ONE is a pre-launch seminar geared to those who are contemplating starting a new church at some point in the future or who may be in the early stages of planting a church. It covers the first three phases of the church planting life cycle from conception to prenatal care to the actual launch of the church.

The success or failure of new church plants is greatly influence by what transpires in the months leading up to the start of public services. Just as the gestation period is essential to producing a healthy human baby, so proper prenatal care during the 1st and 2nd trimester in the planting process sets the stage for a strong, healthy birth of a new congregation.

There are twenty-nine hours of instruction during this pre-launch seminar. Subjects covered include:

The Biblical Foundation for Church Planting, Why Plant Churches, The Man God Uses, What Kind of Church to Plant, The Power of Vision and Values, Where to Plant- Demographics & Targeting, The Church Planter as a Leader, The Church Planter’s Wife and Family (ladies), Building a Ministry Plant, Selecting the Right Sponsorship Model

Developing Your Foundational Documents, Ethnic Church Planting, Recruiting a Launch Team, Preplanning and Preparations, Securing a Coach/Mentor, Enlisting Prayer Partners,Financing Your Church Plant, The Church’s Financial Systems, The Church Planter’s Wife in Ministry (ladies), Understanding your Community, Evangelistic Small Groups

Reaching the Unchurched, Developing Your Follow Up Ministry, Marketing and Advertising Your Grand Opening, Preparing for Launch Day, Preaching in the New Church, Building a Quality Children’s Ministry, Designing Your Worship Service, The Sunday After and Beyond


TRACK TWO is a post-launch seminar to those who have already launched their church plant or who are pastoring an existing church. Just as with children, while giving birth is hard work, it is knowing how to bring them to maturity that presents the ongoing challenge. Experienced teacher share principles that will help you strengthen and develop your church, leading it toward maturity and preparing it for reproduction. New attached image

There are twenty-seven hours of instruction during this seminar. Subjects covered include:

Growing as a Missional Leader, Clarifying Your Vision and Values, Streamlining Your Ministry, Growing in your Preaching Ministry, Planning Your Church’s Ministry, Continuing your Community Evangelism Ministry, Surviving and Thriving as a Leader, Fine-tuning Your Membership and Assimilation Ministry, Developing a Prayer Ministry,

Improving Your Public Worship, Organizing the Church, Designing Multi-Generational Churches, Upgrading Your Discipleship Ministry, Developing Healthy, Reproducing Small Groups, Handling Conflict and Building a Loving Community, Training and Mobilizing Your Church Leaders, Building a Gift-based Team Ministry, Evaluating Your Church’s Health,

Developing Your Global Missions Program, Nurturing Generosity in Your Church, Preparing Your Church for Reproduction, Leading Your Church in Balanced Growth, Becoming a Truly Missional Church, Finishing Well-Avoiding Persona Landmines; Deciding to Build or Not to Build, Crossing the Finish Line, Passing the Baton – Transitioning to the Next Leader

2019 Workshop Schedule (similar to 2017 schedule)

2019 Schedule