Class Curriculum

The School of Church Planting offers two tracks of course material normally taught on alternating years. This year, 2023, we are actually offering both seminars one week apart. Track One will be hosted by Maranatha Baptist Church in Grimes, Iowa (June 5-7). Track Two will be hosted by Faith Baptist Bible College in Ankeny, Iowa (May 22-26).


TRACK ONE is geared to those who are contemplating starting a new church in the U.S. or overseas or who may be in the early stages of a church plant. It covers the various phases of the church planting life cycle. Special attention is given to deliberate discipleship and cross-cultural sensitivity .

The success or failure of new church plants is greatly influence by what transpires in the months leading up to the start of public services. Just as the gestation period is essential to producing a healthy human baby, so proper prenatal care during the 1st and 2nd trimester in the planting process sets the stage for a strong, healthy birth of a new congregation. No matter where you are planting a church, the consideration of the following topics would be tremendously helpful. We will consider:

The Mission of the Church; Church Planting Models; The Man God Uses; Connecting With People; Stages In the Church Planting Process; Crossing Cultures; The Biblical Foundation of Deliberate Discipleship; The Strategy of Deliberate Discipleship ; Where to Plant – Understanding Your Community; Developing Foundational Documents; Recruiting a Team – Philosophy of Ministry & Definition of Roles; Contextualization; Pre-plant & Post-plant Finances; How to Get the Word Out – Marketing & Advertising; Developing a Follow-Up Ministry; Cognition and Communication in Collectivist Cultures; Church Leadership and Governance in Collectivist Cultures


TRACK TWO is geared specifically for pastors and missionaries who want to reinvigorate, revitalize, and strengthen plateaued or struggling churches. Among other things, it will consider foundational issues, the need for intentional discipleship and the opportunities that many have for multi-cultural ministry. This multi-day seminar includes over 20 hours of classroom instruction and close interaction with experienced teachers and fellow participants. New attached image

No matter what your church’s status or what challenges you may be facing, the consideration of the following topics would be tremendously helpful. We will consider:

The Church’s Mission, Vision, Goals & Values; Establishing a Right Ministry Scorecard; Shepherding & Discipling All Your People; Mapping Your Church’s Ministries; Developing a Disciple-Making Culture In Your Church; Overcoming Division and Decline; Revitalization Requires Relational Wisdom; What Finances & Documents Reveal; Growing As a Leader; The Fruits of Biblical Discipleship; Understanding and Communicating with People from Majority-world Cultures; Becoming Part of Your Community; Creating and Building Leadership; Effective Action Planning as a Leadership Team; Keeping the Evangelism Going; Contextualization in American Contexts; Worship: The Missing Jewel; Closing the Back Door – Membership, Assimilation & Preaching; Grafting, Merging & Closing