What People Are Saying

A satisfied customer is the best advertisement. Those attending the School of Church Planting are servants of God who desire biblically sound and practical instruction in this crucial New attached image ministry. They are faithful servants looking for ways in which they can be more effective and efficient in carrying out the Great Commission.

Here is what they think of the School of Church Planting and what it offers:

“The lessons and materials are exactly what I am looking for! My notes and sample materials will give me the equipment I need to do God’s special work of church planting.”

“Where were you guys all my life? This is the best kept secret. I did not know this quality was available in the movement.”

“Excellent content, vast experience of speakers, well-crafted notes, very cost effective.”

“If only I had had this seminar 20 years ago. It would have been a big help to this veteran cross-cultural church-planter.”

“It really helped me to see the steps needed to make the goal and vision of planting a church a reality. I now know how to get there.”

“I will be teaching in a Brazilian Bible school training nationals. At the same time I will plug them into church planting efforts in the surrounding areas. This [week of school] will radically affect my approach to the subject.”

“The materials and content are great. The best I’ve ever seen.”

“The material you have shared is very practical. I feel the notebook is invaluable as a resource tool to pull out and refer to each step of the way. I also appreciated having teachers who not only know ‘How to’ do it, but who have done it in their own lives!”

“Church planters, pastors, missionaries, Bible School and seminary students would all greatly benefit by this seminar. It opens one to the tremendous need for fulfilling the Great Commission. This seminar is well worth advertising to those of a burden for serving God!”

“Great opportunity to be exposed to the latest in church growth strategies. Practical ‘how to’ sessions. Wonderful opportunity to fellowship with other brethren who are seeking to plant churches. The fact that it is mandatory for all missionaries transferring to the North American Field. Otherwise, we might not have attended. It should be mandatory for all church-planting missionaries when they are home on furlough.”

“I was able to see clearly what I have not done right in past situations (in some cases), and good helps to plan to do it right next time.”

“My wife and I agree that we saw where we are in the process; a reality that had eluded us prior to this week. Eyes opened to the plethora of mistakes that can ruin/hamper God’s work. We have a clearer picture of where we need to go. We met previous servants of God (instructors and students).”

“Comprehensive, stimulating, encouraging, interesting, knowledgeable speakers.”

“I appreciate all the obvious time and effort and planning that went into the time we spent together. I’m especially grateful for the wisdom you passed on to me both personally and in the session designed specifically for the wives. You are by teaching and by example mentoring younger women. It was a pleasure to be with you this past week.”

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“This was incredibly valuable. I’m just getting started, so it all is useful. The conference was very informative and God will use it.”

“This seminar got me excited about church planting. I have plenty of resources that I can pull from when I am ready to start a church plant.”

“Wish I had this before I began my ministry.”

“I see too many mistakes, frustrated and burnt out church planters because they are not doing what you are suggesting and need to be exposed to this.”

“The experience of the instructors has been a great blessing. Also the depth of details provided was incredible. Appreciated the summary class Thursday afternoon. It boiled everything down to a checklist.”

“This will help in teaching church planting in our seminary. It filled in some gaps my lack of experience naturally leaves. I particularly enjoyed interaction with the instructors. I really appreciate the seminar. It was helpful for the work of the Commission.”

“The pre-launch class and launching courses were great.”

“Tremendously practical! The step-by-step focus and five stage illustration make all of my next steps clear. Now all I have to do is implement it.”

“The collective life experiences of the presenters as church planting practitioners is a plus. Most of the materials are transferable and applicable. The exhaustive compilation is a treasure for years to come. Instructors are very warm, insightful, and a well of information also.”

“I enjoyed getting “thoroughly soaked with all the aspects of church planting once again. I was reminded of stuff that I forgot; refreshed to know that most of what we are doing is what we should be doing, and learned some new things for us to consider. This was worth the time and money spent!”

“We really enjoyed the school this past week and appreciate your team’s willingness to share and your hard work to make the school go well. We spent a good portion of our trip home to Atlanta in the car with our pastor and his wife discussing how we can implement the things covered in our church. Something similar to this course should be mandatory in all our Bible colleges for anyone planning on going into ministry, but especially for pastoral students.”

“The SCP has been a great eye opener for me. I started a ministry without having such information. I believe if I had this information things would have been different.”

“Biblically grounded, comprehensive coverage, awareness of current research, very practical.”

“Concentrated teaching and focus on church planting, development, and discipleship. Where else can you find such focus and excellence in teaching?”

“In my situation it was great for encouragement knowing that my church is headed in the right direction and we need to stay the course. I also picked up on some good ideas. The teachers were very encouraging.”

“The teachers are very well prepared. Tons of info. Great vision for reaching the lost. Helpful for existing churches. You could call this the School of Church Planting AND GROWTH with no real changes to it.”

“I found a lot of ‘hard copy’ info and ideas I can use in coaching, consulting others in beginning and growing Hispanic churches in U.S. and Mexico where I will be working. Personally, I have been challenged to be more faithful to my calling into Missions.”